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Citing a manual in apa

Citing a manual in apa

The subtitle should also appear in italics. List the city of publication, followed by a colon. List the name of the publisher, followed by a period. Purdue Online Writing Lab: APA Reference List. Instructions. 1. List the author of the manual if known. For one author, list the name "Last Name, First Name.". How. How do I Cite OSHA Standard References?. How to Cite CFR; How do I Cite a Technical Manual in APA? For Technical Publications; More. How to Cite a Lab Manual;. Papers regarding infra-office and human resources matters often require that you consult with a company's employee manuals. Uniform citation guidelines help ensure. Many series of documents are made available for public viewing and may be used for citing. Save List the author or authoring organization. If the author is a person's name, the last name should appear first, followed by a comma and then the first name and middle initial (if applicable). Promoted By Zergnet You May Also Like How to Cite the APA Manual in APA Format. Citing the APA manual in APA format is required for. APA refers. Writing a technical manual is a straightforward task that involves organizing steps and creating clear,. Part of the series: Research Papers. tech; money; health; More eHow; Featured:. Comments You May Also Like. How to Reference a Lab Manual in APA Format. Sometimes during your college career, you will find. References. m: How to Write a. Writing a Technical Training Manual. How to Design a Training and Reference Manual for Community Groups; Effective Technical Communication Style; How to Cite the APA Manual in APA Format. Most. American Psychological Association. How to Write a Book Report With APA. APA citation style,. How do I Cite a Technical. Creating the manual does not have to be difficult,. Technical Development Cooperation Training. List the year of publication in parentheses, followed by a period. Make sure the period falls outside the parentheses. List the title of the manual in italics, followed by a period. If there is a subtitle, the title and subtitle should be separated by a.