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Craftsman model 31as6heg799 manual

Craftsman model 31as6heg799 manual

I also rubbed the cloth on the outer areas of the ground electrode, the metal rim, and anywhere else I could reach. When done, the spark plug looked a little cleaner. It doesn't need to be perfect. Before installing the spark plug I applied a small dab of copper-based anti-seize compound to the threads. It's important to only use a very small amount of this product. In fact, I wiped off some of this before installing the plug. I filled another plastic cup to the 24 ounce mark. I used 5W-30 oil, which is the recommended oil when the operating temperature is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Above that temperature, SAE 30 weight oil should be used. Cleaning The Carbon Deposits: I folded a small piece of emery cloth (about 400 grit, I think) and inserted the cloth into the spark plug gap. Then I just slid the emery cloth back and forth a few times to remove the soot. I learned from my auto mechanics training was that the only suitable lubricant for spark plug threads is a copper-based lubricant. This step isn't necessary, but it should help prevent the spark plug threads from seizing up if the engine ever gets too hot. Planning a visit to the United States? Or have friends and family in the U.S.? Shop at Sears to get everything you wantincluding great gifts for yourself or others. You'll be happy to see how online shopping in the U.S. By Bruce W. Maki, Editor Start: This Sears Craftsman 28" snowblower needed an oil change. This machine has a 9 HP Tecumseh 4-stroke single-cylinder engine. Many small engines like this should have the oil changed every 25 hours of operation. Couldn't be easier. Simply use an international credit card. shop Sears U.S. now Free U.S. Store work from home policy manual Pickup Order something online but need a little help picking it up? No problem. You (or someone you know) can pay and pick up online orders at a Sears store. ANY idea of the crankcase capacity. This information is usually found in the owner's manual, but what happens if you buy a second-hand lawn mower or snowblower and you don't get the manual?. Go. More Info: Tools Used: Adjustable Wrench Spark Plug Socket - 13/16" Ratchet Plastic Dish Pan Quart-size Paint Cups (2) Materials Used: Motor Oil, 5W-30 Emery Cloth Related Articles: Snowblower Won't Move - Replacing The Rubber Friction Wheel Replacing The Drive Clutch Cable Changing Oil In. When the oil had drained, I wrapped some Teflon tape around the male threads and installed the drain plug. I tightened the plug with a wrench. It's important to not over-tighten the drain plug. This plug is still in good condition. How can I tell? The center electrode (round center part) is not worn away. The insulator (the white donut-shaped part around the electrode) is intact and not overly dirty. After checking the spark plug, I would've cleaned the air filter. but I couldn't find it. It turns out. snowblowers don't need air filters. I suppose a snowblower doesn't have a problem with dust getting into the air intake since there usually isn't much dust.