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06 pmd networking pdf
Here s a table with some of the pertinent information about each protocol: Name Meaning Port LPD Line Printer Daemon protocol 515/tcp IPP aka Berkeley printing system Internet Printing Protocol 631/tcp JetDirect aka AppSocket aka Raw aka PDL-datastream 9100/tcp Since my focus is on JetDirects...
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19 interrogation techniques in army field manual.zip
Use of torture can also have many possible negative consequences at national and international levels. 2. Prohibited interrogation methods that many would say constitute torture: Forcing the detainee to be naked, perform sexual acts, or pose in a sexual manner; Placing hoods or sacks over...
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Dell 2300mp dlp projector manual

Dell 2300mp dlp projector manual

For a 3200mp: There are four very small phillips screws on the bottom of the projector. remove those. There is one very small phillips screw on the right hand side of the unit if you are looking at the projector from manual no a c the front. Next take the lamp out and clean off the glass lens (there is probably some dust on it) Put it all back together and it should work like a charm. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Well, at least try this first. For some reason dust on the main board causes this, sounds ridiculous but it's true. I have a 3200mp and just did this 2 hours ago and the projector is as good as. Remove that. Now flip the unit so it is right side up and remove the top piece of plastic (The bottom doesn't come off at all. BE CAREFUL, THERE IIBBON ATTACHED TO THE TOP PIECE SO LEAN IT AGAINST SOMETHING. This should probably only be done if your warranty is expired, i'm not sure if taking apart your projector will void it or not, so do at your own risk. (Personally I had nothing to lose, the projector wouldn't work and Dell wouldn't help me. I copied this post from JAN 2006, I also read a bunch of other postings with same problems/solutions and the moderator even lists as an answer on the post above yours: Mods, this should DEFINITELY be in the FAQ's. Now grab a vacuum and your air compressor (or can of duster) and go to town. There will be huge plumes of dust come from under the lamp so keep your vacuum close.