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Developmental editing: a handbook forlancers, authors, and

Developmental editing: a handbook forlancers, authors, and

C1 APPLIANCES When you're spring cleaning, don't forget the fridge;, Home Marketer p. 3 ARCHITECTURE AND BUILDINGS Old is the in thing at unique building (119 N. Genesee Street, Waukegan IL, p. B9 Barns of Lake County (Nancy Schumm-Burgess, "The Barns of Lake County, p. A7 ANTIOCH (IL VILLAGE OF New year, new life (Melissa Knigge, p. A1 Antioch News : top stories of 2003;, p. C7 Benefit set for teen kidney recipient (Melissa Knigge, p. B1 Growing volunteerism : Billie Horton's quiet rally call provides unmatched effectiveness;, Heroes p. A11 High schools combine choirs for concert;, p. A6. Adler cultural center see DAVID ADLER CULTURAL CENTER (Libertyville IL) ADLER PLANETARIUM (musuem, Chicago IL) The Future Is Wild with emphasis on scientific research, imagination : Fantastic Life 200 million years ahead;, p. And perhaps most importantly, Developmental Editing equips authors with the concrete tools they need to reach their audiences. B1. ALCOHOL Underage liquor compliance sting hits 13 area businesses;, p. B3. Taking the road to recovery : Waukegan's Residential Services helps substance abusers regain their footing in life;, p. C2. Ten stores cited for underage liquor sales;, p. C2 Libertyville supports troops with Vernon Hills Police Department;, p. A4 Safe at home : Local soldier returns from duty in Iraq (Justin Brown, p. A1 Libertyville soldier dies (Wesley Wells, p. A). Index of the Mundelein News 2004. This index covers general news stories, editorials, letters to the editor and recipes. We do not index the police blotter, property transfer records, sports scores, calendar items (such as announcements of club meetings legal notices or ads. A4 Calling all patriots : Care package program called "Blue Line for Front Line, p. A1 Gray and underway : Battle tested destroyer deploys to Waukegan (U.S.S. Conolly, p. B1 New group supports our troops and each other (Support Our Troops, p. A1. Memorial maintained by Solar Corporation co-workers;, p. A4. Crash on Route 60 detours traffic for hours;, p. A5 2 men die in plane crash : Witnesses say 2-person prop plunged nose-first onto Rollins Road;, Rollins p. D3 PreProfiles: Chandler Kent;, p. D3 Sequoits continue to improve (wrestling, p. D2 PreProfiles: Martin Pazanin (basketball, p. D2 19-0 run does in Sequoits (basketball, p. D2 Sequoits end losing skid (basketball, p. D4 Sequoits will learn on the job (basketball, p. D4 PreProfiles: Loren Scarbrough;, p. D4 Versatility name of game for Sequoits (Antioch Sequoits, Lake County High School Basketball p. 4 Sequoits need someone to step up (basketball, p. A3. ABBOTT LABORATORIES (business, North Chicago IL) AIDS advocates protest Abbott price increases;, p. C1. Retired Abbott exec leaves bank board (O. Ralph Edwards, First Midwest Bancorp, p. C9 ACCIDENTS Car crash with ambulance injures 7 people;, p.