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Manual electrical disconnect switches
Eaton s electric switches include panelboard, switchboard and safety switches; power disconnect switches are used for control, circuit protection and safety. The Eaton PV fireman s switch SOL30-SAFETY disconnects DC cables from the voltage source and facilitates manual for overhead door garage door opener fire-fighting...
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Hubbell manual motor starter
Magnetic tripping optically signalled in the front. One range of common accessories for MS116 MS132. Ordering Details Rated Power 400 V AC-3 Setting Ranges Type. Order Code Short-Circuit breaking Ics at 400 V AC Rated Instantaneous short circuit current setting kW. To IEC / EN...
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Pack for patch v1,0

Pack for patch v1,0

Entity: add Spider. UI: part-fix beacon UI and HUD icons. UI: weak-fix 2 destroy graphics. Sound: fix an annoying sound glitch, MC-1250: Chicken steps make crackle sounds. Watch the video. Items (from LEDC raft add Nether Star, Wither Skull and Cookie. Yes, another car pack, but this is 'lightweight' (195 mb) The humble purpose is to HELP with the 'disappear textures' problem when using ikt's TRAFFIC LOAD (The best taxi bug fix currently out there). Features a "fix" for chicken steps. Contains graphics of my own, TheSparko's (Aeon main pack) and Vickal1's (LEDC raft). Vanilla elements only. Changes: Blocks: add 4 kinds of chests and fix Flower Pot. Entity (from LEDC raft add Wither, Wither Skeleton and Minecart. Misc: add a neat meta. Notes: 1. For MCPatcher users: Keep in mind Better Glass is not yet implemented in 1.8. Issues with glass blocks and panes are known. Blocks: add and change, Daylight sensor has now both modes. Day mode will be golden (affects night mode will be blueish (1.8 only). Blocks: change, Lilac now uses the non-Christmas graphic. To bring the Christmas themed back, delete or rename double_plant_syringa_g and double_plant_syringa_g from the. If your system's got memory problems when using some mods simultaneously, IMHO this small car pack could help better than if you got all cars replaced. I'm just looking for equilibrium, not 'maximum quality'. Famous Killatomate's 'Realistic driving flying' included for all bikes and some other cars i didn't replace. Cargrp. dat e tweaked for realistic traffic. (Supercars are rare). Real names of each car (5 languages). Bonnet Trunk cameras tweaked. Tested on version. Also another folder includes files for. Extra: Lambo sound for coquette. To be done: add EPM support, new cars, etc. If this works for you, you can increase the number of cars till you find your performance equilibrium. Consider them as non-definitive graphics. More details and discussion forum: m/p?threads/aeon-extension-patch-with-galacticraft-and-bibliocraft-support.4583/. (The v1.0 ones are only for.) Links provided below the main three. (And remember, DON'T use xlive and dsound at the same time, choose 1.) Replaces: about 50 cars Rating: - 42 votes Downloads: 23,618 Added: January 29, 2012 8:54AM Last Downloaded: October 27, 2016. Blocks: change, Red Sand random texture rotation was disabled (1.8 only). Blocks: fix player head for 1.8. It will look weird in, read Notes #2. Items: add Egg, Ender Eye, Ender Pearl, Item Frame, Lead, Magma Cream, Painting, Sugar Cane, Snowball and Slimeball.