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Service manual nissan micra
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Php pdf viewer open source

Php pdf viewer open source

Share improve this answer up vote 2 down vote It depends a bit on your needs. Some toolkits are better at drawing, others are better for writing text. Cairo has a pretty good for drawing (it support a wide range of screen and file types. Share improve this answer up vote 3 down vote LibHaru seems to be used by many. A non-open source approach is: PDF Creator Pilot which provides more language options including C, C Delphi, ASP, T, VB, T, VBScript, PHP and Python share improve this answer. Can be directly used by PHP or Python via bindings to libwkhtmltox. share improve this answer up vote See for m/ - contains all required features for manipulation with PDF files except rendering. share improve this answer up vote 3 down vote jagpdf seems to be one of them. It is written in C but provides a C API. It can work as both a static-library (.a,.lib) and a shared-library (.so,.dll). Didn't try it myself, but maybe it can help you share improve this answer up vote 16 down vote. I worked on a project that required a pdf report. After searching for online I found the PoDoFo library. Seemed very robust. I did not need all the features, so I created a wrapper to abstract away some of the complexity. Wasn't too difficult. Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges x Dismiss up vote 69 down vote favorite 38 I want to be able to generate PDF ouput from my (native) C Windows application. Are there any free/open source libraries available to do this? Share improve this answer up vote 1 down vote muPdf library looks very promising: m/ There is also an open source viewer: ml share improve this answer up vote 1 down vote Try wkhtmltopdf Software features Cross platform. I looked at the answers to this question, but they mostly relate to.Net. c c pdf open-source share improve this question up vote 46 down vote accepted LibHaru Haru is a free, cross platform, open-sourced software library for generating PDF written in ANSI -C. Open source. Convert any web pages into PDF documents using webkit. You can add headers and footers. TOC generation. Batch mode conversions. Can run on Linux server with an XServer (the X11 client libs must be installed). You can find the library here: t/ Enjoy! share improve this answer up vote 13 down vote. If you're brave and willing to roll your own, you could start with a PostScript library and augment it to deal with PDF, taking advantage of Adobe's free.