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Use dll on linux

Use dll on linux

For instance, the infant manual chest percussor binary formats aren't even compatible. I'm still in part opposed to gconf, however, for reasons that I won't go into further here. I'd surmise that KDE has something similar to gconf. As for "how Linux handles big applications I don't really understand the question. So if the code is entirely in your hands, you just build the library first and then link against your project. If you really mean that the library source code is unavailable and you only have a Windows binary, then the situation is a lot. As for the "registry I'd like to clarify that a bit. It's fair to say that Linux has no equivalent of the Windows registry. That's not a bad thing, however - I'd like to point out that I strongly disagree with Krendoshazin's statement that "the. I have a suspicion that you're not actually trying to ask what you asked. The.dll file in your example is just a shared library. You can link against shared libraries with GCC. The only question is what you call your library: / Stage 1: Build.