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Web service tutorial pdf

Web service tutorial pdf

Wait wait, before we relax. NetBeans has created this SOAP based hello world web service. Lets understand what it has done in the background and verify if it is working. Service Code Following is the java code that serves as the web service and it. Hello is the operation that returns Hello the parameter sent as argument. WSDL of Web Service Now right click the project and click run. Then type the following url in the browser http localhost:8080/SOAPH elloWorld/HelloWorld? TableName "Customers ll(dt return dt; t WebMethod _ Public Function Get As DataTable Dim constr As String nnectionString. Using con As New SqlConnection(constr) Using cmd As New SqlCommand SELECT FROM Customers Using sda As New SqlDataAdapter nnection con lectCommand cmd Using dt As New DataTable. I know this statement will invite wrath of SOAP lovers. WSDL One major component of a web service is Web Services Description Language (WSDL ). It is an xml file that describes the web service technically in a machine readable format. Lets move to fun part the coding. Hello World SOAP Web Service Download the latest Netbeans IDE. Go! I will wait I am using NetBeans IDE 7.1 for this tutorial. You can download the complete source SOAPH elloWorld of this article. TableName "Customers" ll(dt) Return dt End Using End Using End Using End Using End Function 4. Finally you will need to add the Web Reference of the Web Service we just created to the project as shown below.